Finally! A Mastermind designed specifically with you in mind, giving you direct access to years of experience and insights.

True North in Business Mastermind


Most people think that to have a successful business they have to work longer hours, hustle harder and sacrifice time with their family. There’s a misconception in business that you have to do (and be) everything to everybody. In fact, the opposite is true.

Business can be lonely.
You have too many priorities and feel like there’s just never enough time in the day to get through it all.
It doesn’t help that you can’t escape the feast or famine cycle of sales and money which is holding you back from growing your business (and revenue) confidently.
Your business is all-consuming leaving you with not a lot of time to do much else.
And if you’re like other women we’ve worked with, you’re starting to feel like there must be a better way. 
Honestly, if nothing changes you could be on your way to burnout, resenting your business and becoming yet another failed statistic in business.
We get it! You didn’t go into business to become a sales guru or a financial wiz kid.
And you definitely didn’t go into business to feel exhausted, burnt out and feeling like there's never enough time in the day (wasn’t there an elusive promise of laptops on beaches and working 4 hours a week!?)


If this sounds like you and you're keen to dive straight into the nuts and bolts of what’s included in each Mastermind level and your investment options, then click the button below to head straight to the details

"I've just finished the most incredibly inspiring, insightful and wonder-filled Strategy Day with Nicky & Ness as part of the True North in Business Mastermind program. Highly personalised, hugely informative, with a perfect balance of tips, tools, resources, processes, mindset coaching and next steps to take action on. I've come away with bucket loads of motivation and a solid way forward to continue to grow my "business by design" If you get a chance to join the next Strategy Day, do it! If you are thinking about the Mastermind Program, do it! Today has brought all the parts together and I'm so excited for the year ahead. Thank you SO much Nicky and Ness. ❤ ❤"

Judy Mort
Artemis Rising

Is this you?

✔️ Your business is feeling like it’s all consuming 
✔️ You know you need better boundaries in business and in life 
✔️ Your business is successful but reactive which is draining your time and your energy 
✔️ You're sick of listening to people telling you how you should be doing business 
✔️ You want easy systems that get you results and that you stick with 
✔️ You feel like you're doing it alone 
✔️ You have a lot of great ideas, but don't find time to implement them 
✔️ You're stuck in the busy trap 

The cold hard truth is...

If you don't start to focus strategically on your business, finding the time to work on your business (instead of staying stuck in your business) and nailing your sales & money stuff, your business won't be all the things you dreamed it could be



 We have a hunch because you're here still reading this, you know there's a better way of doing things and running a business doesn't have to be a solo mission


You know you want business to be easier, to have more money and to actually take time to enjoy life.

But you can't seem to make that happen yourself.

You wish you had access to experts who have been there done that who can help.

And a community of other women you can share this whole experience with.

Oh wow, you've just described me! I've been looking for guidance and support to help me take my business to the next level.

That's where we come in.
With over 10,000 coaching hours and 300+ Extended DISC unpacks under our belt, we've seen the exact patterns, systems and behaviours that lead to success... and those that lead to failure.
Ness is a Money Coach (LHS of pic) and helps you with your relationship with money, your mindset, budgeting and cashflows and helping you gain clarity with your financial goals.
Nicky is a Sales & Business Growth Coach (RHS of pic) helping you to embrace the art (and heart) of selling and sales to help you create the mindset and systems to grow your business to the next level. 
What's better than tapping into one mentor in a Mastermind? 
Doubling your chance of success with two!

Imagine how it would feel to...

Grow your business efficiently and earn the money you deserve 

Cut through all the noise and know exactly what action to take

Have a business you love and still have time to enjoy life outside work

Introducing the True North in Business Mastermind

A collaborative Mastermind group of women, designed to give you monthly and quarterly strategic guidance, support and access to a business community to help you create a wildly successful, profitable business you adore - while still having time to enjoy life outside of work.

We KNOW that with the right guidance and support, you will see a significant change in your business growth and personal growth. That's why we've carefully curated the Truth North in Business Mastermind.

But don't just take our word for it...

Today has been so worth the day away from my business, the self-awareness, the analysing so many components of my business.
They're the type of things, you can't put a dollar value on. It's really analysing who you are, what you want out of life, and how to make your business work for you. Amazing value!

Courtney Campbell

Development Solutions Victoria

Courtney Campbell

Development Solutions Victoria

Investing in your future is worth the time and money when you have two brilliant coaches like Ness and Nicky. The B2 Strategy and Day Accountability Sessions really kept me on track. 
The sessions were a great way to connect and be held accountable by the coaches and other participants.  It was an environment where you could freely speak about your past months' successes and failings without judgement.
Instead, the guidance and support provided by Ness and Nicky were outstanding.  They not only have a natural and positive flow between them, they have an abundance of business and leadership experience and wisdom to share.  From business development, financial management and personal growth, I walked away feeling confident and excited about my new business future.

It's been super important for me to take time out as I get caught up in the busy loop and forget to focus on goal setting and projections, and that sort of thing. So it was really important for me to take time out to get balance and clarity over short, and long-term goals within the business as well as personally.

Megs Hopman

Playful Paws

Megs Hopman

Playful Paws

I really felt Nicky and Ness understood me without trying to tell me how to do business. I got the feeling, it wasn't a one size fits all and that they're willing to listen.
Doing the True North in Business Diagnostic, I really felt that I could be myself and answer truthfully and didn't feel judged or had to be something that I wasn't.

Nicky & Ness rock! They are the best mentors, they're there to encourage you.
100% get on board with them, you won't be disappointed.

Belinda Stewart

3875 Design

Belinda Stewart

3875 Design

Want all the details? Let's show you what you get access to once you join the True North in Business Mastermind.

IMPORTANT This Mastermind won’t be for everyone, we’ve created a (quick and easy) process so we can make sure it is right for you!
Keep scrolling to see exactly what's included in the Mastermind including your investment options. And if you think it could be exactly what you're looking for, book a chat with us. 

4 x Quarterly Virtual Strategy Days

Discover how to create a business by design so that you have the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour and do the things you love.

Escape the busy trap for a full day and step into the space of strategic (and creative) business thinking. Each quarter we focus on an area of business, sales or money systems that's critical to long term, sustainable success.

8 x Monthly Group Masterclasses

What the gurus and experts don't tell you about sales, cashflow/money and prioritising life.

Each masterclass will give you deeper insights into a specific area along with practical application and actions for you to fast track your results. Topics are aligned with making more money, managing money and prioritising life.

4 x Quarterly How To Sessions

The secret to turning theory into practical application by getting practical and tactical.

These sessions guide you through the specific how-tos for things like setting quality revenue targets, step-by-step systems to manage monthly cash flow and identifying red flags before it's too late. We get down and dirty in the detail with you providing tools and templates along the way.

Your Private Community

The sneaky trick to staying on top is to have a community of like-minded women around you.

Be part of a collective of like-minded businesswomen giving you an intimate network of trusted peers, consistent connection with your own brain trust and support.

Ready to grow your business and your wealth?


Looking for more individual support?

Although you know a mastermind community is what you want and need to grow, you're also looking for personalised help and more face time with Nicky and Ness so you can really kick start and amplify change in your business and life.
Consider the Inner Circle & VIP options which also include the below (limited spaces) 

1:1 Coaching & Mentoring

The easiest way to go beyond your current business boundaries, without the hustle.

You have your own personal Sales & Business Growth Coach (Nicky) and Money Coach (Ness) in your corner, deep diving with you into your business. Nicky and Ness make it their personal business to get to know you and your business up close, tailoring coaching and mentoring to your individual needs. 

Group Accountability Sessions

Accountability is the single most important factor for accelerating your results.

It can be hard to know exactly what working smarter looks like when you're stuck in the busy trap. You might have a business strategy and the best ideas, but you just don't find time to implement them. This will no longer be a problem as these accountability sessions give you the structure and external support you're currently missing.

True North in Biz Diagnostic

Find out the truth behind what's driving your success or moving you towards failure.

A hands-on intensive look at your business to uncover exactly where the focus needs to be to achieve your next level of growth. You'll walk away with a bespoke roadmap that takes into consideration your natural behavioural style and instinctive ways of working, making it even more powerful than only looking at business strategy. 

Real Talk...

Only 34% of businesses in Australia are women owned!  
This combined with the fact that 60% of businesses will fail within their 3 three years (this number increases substantially after the first 5 years) we're on a mission to help improve the statistics of women in business. 
Which is why we've decided to break down the True North in Business Mastermind into bite size, monthly (no lock in contract) pieces, giving you options to choose from that best suit where you’re at in business. 
$499 Per Month
or pay up front and receive one month free
Annual amount - receive one month free
*plus GST

  • The essentials to creating a consistent, profitable business results while still having time to enjoy life outside of work

  • 4 x Quarterly Virtual Business Strategy Days getting you out of the ‘busy trap’ and giving you the time and space to work on your business (Value: $3988)

  • 8 x group Masterclasses with Nicky and Ness (Value: $3976)

  • 4 x Quarterly group how-to session with Nicky or Ness (Value: $1988)

  • Workbooks, resources, templates and other support material (Value: $3500)

  • Community of women to work through real-time business challenges gaining feedback and input from the collective group. Includes weekly accountability and support via a private Facebook group (Value: priceless)

  • No lock-in contact. We invite you to stay as long as you're getting value (we recommend 12 months)

  • BONUS - 1:1 Clarity Session with when you join with Nicky or Ness (Value: $849)

$799 Per Month
or pay up front and receive one month free
Annual amount - receive one month free
*plus GST

  • Accelerate your results with additional 1:1 support, group coaching and accountability

  • Everything included in Mastermind

  • PLUS

  • Quarterly 1:1 with Nicky OR Ness to accelerate your results (Value: $4800)

  • 10 monthly group Accountability Sessions throughout the year (Value: $3267)

  • True North in Business Diagnostic including Business Health Check (Value $1,997)

  • Half yearly business check update (Value $497)

  • $300 saving on Booster Shot Coaching sessions with Nicky and Ness as needed

$1499 Per Month
or pay up front and receive one month free
Annual amount - receive one month free
*plus GST

  • The Coach-In-Your-Pocket solution where transformational change and results happen

  • Everything included in Mastermind

  • PLUS

  • Your own personal Sales & Business Growth Coach (Nicky) and Money Mindset Coach (Ness) at your fingertips and deep-diving into your business

  • Nicky and Ness make it their personal business to get to know you and your business up close, tailoring coaching and mentoring to your individual needs.

  • Monthly 1:1 coaching and mentoring with Nicky and Ness (Value: $24,000)

  • True North in Business Diagnostic including Business Health Check (Value $1,997)

  • Half yearly business check update (Value $497)

  • 10 monthly group Accountability sessions throughout the year (Value: $3267)

  • Access to Nicky and Ness for in-the-moment support and mentoring (Value: priceless)

  • Limited to 10 spots only

Not sure which level will suit you and your business best?

Book a chat with Nicky or Ness to discuss if the Mastermind is a good fit for you


When you join you also get access to the

‘Create a 6 Month Business Plan in 60 Minutes Workshop’

so you can get started on finding the gaps (and strengths) in your business straight away.

"The experience with both Ness and Nicky has been incredible. It's given me the confidence to look at the pros and cons of my business, to really unpack it in quite a lot of detail. It's also given me the tools to actually take my business to that next level, which I was wanting to do, but had no idea how to do it. I can now critically look at the business and really implement some strong tools and direction as to where I want to go"

Belinda Stewart
3875 Design

Got questions? We've got answers.

  • How long do I stay in the Mastermind?
  • We recommend for you to get the most out of the program, you hang out with us for 12 months. But we also get life happens and the world is full of uncertainties at the moment so there’s no lock-in contract.

  • If I'm just getting started, is this still a good fit for me?
  • We have options available for businesses of all sizes and all stages of business as the outcomes are tailored to your unique situation.

  • How much time will I need to set aside?
  • Depending on which option you choose, you will probably want to set aside 1-2 hours per month and a full day quarterly. Once you join we send you a calendar listing all the dates and times for 2022 so you can block out those times and then you'll be all set up ready to attend.

  • Is this delivered face-to-face or online?
  • We’ll be getting together via Zoom and you’ll also be able to access recordings if you can’t make the session or to come back to again for future reference.

  • What's the best time to join?
  • Right now. You can join and access all the goodies at any time and any stage of business. 

  • Can I upgrade levels once I've joined?
  • Yes! We've designed this so we can support you at different stages and phases of your business, aligning to your specific needs.

  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
  • We're so confident you'll see the value in staying that you won't be locked into a 12 month contract. When you cancel, future monthly payments will stop.

Have a pressing question that’s not answered here? Send us an email at [email protected]

Meet Nicky & Ness, your Business Coaches and Mentors


To help you out, it’s pronounced ‘Mik-losh’

As a Sales & Business Coach I’m here to help women in business embrace the art (and heart) of selling and sales!

My experience over the last two decades (sheesh!) has predominantly been in sales, leadership and professional coaching.

Over the years I’ve grown a genuine love for understanding human behaviour and how to bring a human-centric, fresh perspective to business and sales.

In 2015 I went out on my own and built a successful coaching business helping other businesses grow sustainably with a dedicated focus on profitability and high performance results through best practice sales and leadership development.

I’m an avid lifelong learner and love, love, LOVE to read. Our dogs are definitely the most spoilt members of our household (can anyone relate?!).

My ultimate mission in life is to inspire change, growth, and better business so that as a collective we can make a positive impact on the world.

And I believe with all my heart, that your external success is only limited by your internal progress. 


Affectionately known in the B2 Community as “Ness”

Changing from a corporate career in my mid-40s to running my own successful business I have learnt my true calling in life: To help women let go of their old money story and trust that they can create the financial (and business) results they know they are fully capable of achieving.

After 6 years running my own business as a Leadership Coach, 2020 presented itself as one of my most challenging in business. Like many others, with lockdowns came the cancellation of work and I was looking at my dire financial situation with an overwhelming sense of fear. Digging deep into my natural money management skills, I channelled all my knowledge to turn things around and by the end of the year had saved $90K. It was at that time I knew I was ready to shift my focus and help other women build wealth and financial security for themselves.

As a money coach, I help businesswomen like you gain clarity of your financial goals. We dig deep into your relationship with money, your mindset, your money style, budgeting and cashflows. Isn't it time you started to see bigger profits and increase your personal wealth?

Still unsure?

Book in a chat with Nicky or Ness to answer all your questions

In the spirit of reconciliation, Business Together acknowledges the traditional and ongoing custodians of country throughout Australia and recognises their connection to land, waters and community. We pay respect to elders past and present and extend that respect to all Aboriginal peoples today.

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